Estes Park Colorado Safety Tips, Warnings & Information



Before you hit the trails, familiarize yourself with these Estes Park Safety tips. Stay safe and have fun!

Are falling trees really an issue?

Trees fall all the time. Be especially observant of trees when it’s windy and after a snowstorm when branches are heavier with snow.

Should I be scared of lightning?

Lightening is a huge danger. If you are hiking and see a storm approaching, stay away from open clearings, and go below tree line.

How do I prevent dehydration?

Drink fluids before you feel thirsty—thirst is a sign of dehydration. During physical activity, hydrate every 20-30 minutes with water, juice, and sports drinks. Signs of dehydration include dizziness, dry mouth, and darker or less urine.

What if I get altitude sickness?

Coming from a lower elevation you might experience fatigue, dizziness, headache, or even nausea. Drink lots of water, get good sleep, and avoid caffine. You should adjust after a few days.

How do I stay safe with mountain lions and bears?

Hike in groups, and if you see these animals stay calm. You should stop, back away slowly, and try to look large by raising your arms.

While camping, use a bear canister for your food and cosmetic products. Bears can smell from miles and miles away.

How do I prevent hypothermia?

Hypothermia is when core body temperature drops, and muscle and brain function becomes disabled. Symptoms include loss of judgment and coordination, and uncontrollable shivering. Seek shelter and warmth with dry clothing, and warm, nonalcoholic liquids.

How do I prevent sunburn?

You’re really close to the sun here and even when it’s cloudy you can get burnt! Keep a small container of sunscreen in your pocket and reapply often. Wear a hat and sunglasses.

Are winter sports dangerous?

Avalanches and sudden snowstorms do pose extreme conditions. Make sure to check weather and trail reports before you go out. Know your ability!

How do I avoid bug bites?

Avoid ticks and mosquitoes with bug spray. If a tick latches onto you, remove it carefully and completely. See medical attention if you experience effects like a rash or nausea.

Can I drink mountain water?

Mountain water is drinkable only after it has been filtered, or treated with iodine tablets or boiled. Water in the lakes and rivers carries Giardia, and causes diarrhea that can last for years! For day hikes carry adequate amounts of water with you.

How do I avoid getting lost?

Familiarize yourself with landmarks to the north, south, east, and west. Carry a map, whistle, and compass with you. Always tell someone where you are going, and don’t depend on cell phone reception.

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