Pay Showers and Laundromats in Estes Park, Colorado


Showers & Laundry

If you’ve been out in the wilderness, and decided you need to shower and wash your clothes, Estes Park has a few places you can go!

Where can I find a shower in Estes Park? 

  • Dad’s Laundry: Take a shower at Dad’s Laundry! Located in the Upper Stanley Village. 
  • RV Parks: There are a couple campsites that allow non-campers to use the showers for a small fee. Pay $2 for a six-minute shower at Marys Lake. 
  • Meeker Park Lodge: If you’re on the east side of Rocky Mountain National Park, on Hwy 7 between Longs Peak Trailhead and Wild Basin Trailhead, stop by Meeker Park Lodge to use the public showers. It’s only $3 to shower, 8am-8pm daily.

Where can I do laundry in Estes Park? 

  • Dad’s Laundry: At Dad’s Laundry use the self-service Laundromat, or drop-off your clothes and they’ll clean them for you! Dad’s Laundry is located in the Upper Stanley Village. 
  • Estes Park Laundracenter: Or, you can go to the Estes Park Laundracenter, 5am-11pm everyday of the year. There are two Laundracenters. Both are conveniently located in town. 
  • Meeker Park Lodge: It also has self-service laundry. It’s $1.50 to wash, and $1.25 to dry. The clothesline is free! Laundry services are available 8am-6:30pm daily.

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