Pay Showers and Laundromats in Estes Park, Colorado


Showers & Laundry

Dad's Laundry

Estes Park, CO

(970) 586-2025

Dad's Laundry has self service laundry, drop-off service, public showers, and large washing machines...

Estes Park Laundracenter

Estes Park, CO

(970) 481-9900

The Estes Park Laundracenter has two locations in Estes Park, and they are open every day of the year! Come as early as 5am. Finish by 11pm...

Meeker Park Lodge

Allenspark, CO

(303) 747-2266

After hiking Rocky Mountain National Park, or camping in national forests, stop by Meeker Park Lodge. You can shower, wash clothes, and grab snacks...

If you’ve been out in the wilderness, and decided you need to shower and wash your clothes, Estes Park has a few places you can go!

Where can I find a shower in Estes Park? 

  • Dad’s Laundry: Take a shower at Dad’s Laundry! Located in the Upper Stanley Village. 
  • RV Parks: There are a couple campsites that allow non-campers to use the showers for a small fee. Pay $2 for a six-minute shower at Marys Lake. 
  • Meeker Park Lodge: If you’re on the east side of Rocky Mountain National Park, on Hwy 7 between Longs Peak Trailhead and Wild Basin Trailhead, stop by Meeker Park Lodge to use the public showers. It’s only $3 to shower, 8am-8pm daily.

Where can I do laundry in Estes Park? 

  • Dad’s Laundry: At Dad’s Laundry use the self-service Laundromat, or drop-off your clothes and they’ll clean them for you! Dad’s Laundry is located in the Upper Stanley Village. 
  • Estes Park Laundracenter: Or, you can go to the Estes Park Laundracenter, 5am-11pm everyday of the year. There are two Laundracenters. Both are conveniently located in town. 
  • Meeker Park Lodge: It also has self-service laundry. It’s $1.50 to wash, and $1.25 to dry. The clothesline is free! Laundry services are available 8am-6:30pm daily.

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