Estes Park Colorado: Respect Nature When Outdoors


Tread Lightly

Estes Park Environmental Impact happens everyday when people explore the wilderness, drive, and dispose of waste. Together, we can help to decrease our impact on this beautiful area.

What does Leave No Trace mean?

Leave as little impact on the environment as possible. Follow these Leave No Trace principles so that we can continue to enjoy our beautiful resources.

Plan Ahead and Prepare

Educate yourself on wilderness regulations before you explore the trails. If you prepare, you can pack efficiently, avoid excess waste, and travel safer.

Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces

Stay on the trail and camp at designated campsites.

Every time you step on unchartered territory you damage growth that has taken hundreds—or thousands—of years to develop. Those steps impact the biological community.

Dispose of Waste Properly

Don’t leave any trash behind, dispose of human waste properly, use biodegradable soap, and wash dishes in a container—not the river or lake.

Everything you leave behind alters the environment and negatively effects ecosystems.

Leave What You Find

As tempting as it is, don’t remove anything from its home. Enjoy the historic structures, rocks, plants, animals, and objects of nature the moment you see them. That way, they will survive and you can return to enjoy them again.

Minimize Campfire Impacts

Fire danger is exceptionally high in Colorado, especially with the pine beetle kill.

Where fires are permitted, use the fire ring and wrist-sized sticks, so that all of the fuel can burn to ash before you leave.

Respect Wildlife

Would you feed your dog a pizza? If you think you’re helping the wild animals by feeding or petting them, you’re wrong. Feeding wild animals is harmful to their health, habits, and survival.

Be Considerate Of Other Visitors

Everyone explores the wilderness for the same reason, to have an enjoyable experience.

Respect others by yielding on the trail, and avoid loud voices so that nature can be heard too.

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