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Old Fall River Road

Old Fall River Road is an unforgettable traverse with perilous heights. This smooth road is free, and un-enclosed like the wild nature and rugged mountains that surround it.

  • Old Fall River Road is a one-way journey to the top of steep, rugged mountains 
  • It’s a smooth road with no guard rail and startling heights 
  • Unequivocal views of the Rocky Mountains 
  • Not suitable for low-clearance vehicles, RVs, or vehicles that exceed 25-feet in length

Why should I drive Old Fall River Road?

Old Fall River Road is a one-way adventure to the top of the Rocky Mountains. It surpasses 11,700 feet.

As one of Rocky Mountain National Park’s first high alpine roads, it first opened in 1920.

Drive slow as you follow its curves and switchbacks. Appreciate the incredible wildlife and terrain this road exposes you to.

This drive is not suitable for RVs, low-clearance vehicles, or vehicles greater than 25-feet in length.

Where does Old Fall River Road begin and end?

Old Fall River Road begins in Rocky Mountain National Park near the Endovalley picnic site, and traverses westward until it intersects Trail Ridge Road near the Alpine Visitor Center.

Return to Estes Park via Trail Ridge Road.

How long does Old Fall River Road take to drive?

This one-way journey is about 9 miles long and takes approximately 40 minutes to drive, but plan for 2 hours round trip.

There are also trailheads along Old Fall River Road where you can stop to hike or take pictures. Take advantage of the beautiful scenery!

When is Old Fall River Road open for vehicles?

Old Fall River Road is open to vehicles depending on snow.

Typically, it opens the 4th of July and closes in September or October.

In 2010, the road opened a month late due to heavy spring snow.

What will I see along the way?

  • Picnic Spots: Relax and picnic at Endovalley before you begin the drive.
  • Scenery: Enjoy the rushing water of Fall River, luscious pines, and many types of wildflowers that scatter the mountainsides.
  • Chasm Falls: Replenish yourself with the sound and site of these falls! About one mile up Old Fall River Road, you’ll see a sign for Chasm Falls on your left. Stop at the parking lot and walk about .3 miles on a trail to reach the falls.
  • Fall River: Toss your line in the rushing waters of Fall River. What you catch, you can keep. Be on the lookout for Trout.
  • Biking/Running: Take your adventure to the next level. Bike or run up Old Fall River Road.
  • Wildlife: You’ll often see elk grazing in Willow Park. Also look for deer, bighorn sheep, and marmots.
  • Alpine Visitor Center: At the end of Fall River Road, stop to enjoy the views of the wide-open basin and towering peaks. Sip a cup of hot cocoa and check out the gift shop.

How much does Old Fall River cost?

The entrance fee for Rocky Mountain National Park is $20, and lasts for 7 consecutive days.