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Fall River

Fall River carves a canyon through the Rockies, all the way to Estes Park. Relax to the sound of its rapids. Enjoy a scenic drive or picnic at its side. Read More

  • Fall River is a tributary that starts in Rocky Mountain National Park and feeds into Big Thompson River 
  • It has carved a beautiful canyon, which you can explore on a one-way drive up Old Fall River Road 
  • Fall River rushes by several town parks in Estes Park

What can I see and do at Fall River? 

  • Town Parks: Fall River flows by Performance Park and Tregent Park. From Riverside Plaza, watch Fall River merge with Big Thompson River. 
  • Picnicking: Relax with a picnic at Endovalley, along Old Fall River Road. 
  • Scenic Drive: Enjoy the rushing water of Fall River as you drive one-way up Old Fall River Road. Stare in awe at the canyons that Fall River has carved. 
  • Biking: Take your adventure to the next level. Bike up Old Fall River Road! 
  • Chasm Falls: Replenish yourself with the sound and site of these falls! About one mile up Old Fall River Road, you’ll see a sign for Chasm Falls on your left. Stop at the parking lot and walk about .3 miles on a trail to reach the falls. 
  • Fishing: Toss your line in Rocky Mountain National Park. What you catch, you can keep. Lookout for the Trout!

Where is Fall River?

Fall River starts on the top of the Continental Divide, near the Alpine Visitor Center in Rocky Mountain National Park.

It flows about 17 miles, down a canyon and into Estes Park, where it meets Big Thompson River.

When is Fall River open?

Enjoy Fall River from Estes Park year round.

Old Fall River Road is open depending on snow coverage, usually July-November.

How much does Fall River cost?

To experience Fall River from Old Fall River Road, you’ll need to pay the entrance fee for Rocky Mountain National Park.

  • The entrance fee for a vehicle is $20.
  • For a biker, hiker, or motorcyclist it’s $10.
  • Both passes last 7 consecutive days.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

Call Rocky Mountain National Park Visitor Information: (970) 586-1206.

Or, the Estes Park Visitor Center: (970) 577-9900